We would be happy to provide a quote for our services.  Please fill out the form with your design and layout requirements and we will provide a quotation in a timely manner.

To ensure an accurate quote, please provide the following details as required:

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Once we receive your purchase order, we will need additional information to complete the design:

  • Detailed board outline, dxf format if available (AutoCAD 2013 or earlier)
  • Placement of fixed or critical components, as well as placement and height restrictions
  • Board construction (material, target thickness, # of layers, final plating, mask and silkscreen requirements, special testing)
  • Manufacturer Bill of Material
  • Schematic database (Altium, PADS, OrCAD), netlist in PADS or OrCAD format, or drawing (manual or CAD)
  • Signals for controlled impedance, length matching, etc., identified along with target impedances and lengths
  • Signals or nets requiring high current capacity, noise sensitivity, or RF requirements
  • Layer stack for multilayer board(s) requiring impedance and/or EMI control (we would be pleased to assist in communications with your board fabricator)
  • ICT requirements
  • Specific customer standards and/or design rules

When the design is complete and approved, we will deliver your files in an archived (zipped) format. Files and data typically include:

  • Design database file(s)
  • RS-274X photoplot files
  • IPC-D-356A test file
  • ODB++ gzip file
  • Basic fabrication and assembly drawing/diagrams in PDF format
  • BOM
  • Pick Place data
  • 3D board data

Alternatively, you could upload a zipped file containing all the above information to our ShareFile website. This is especially useful if your mail server has a file size limit for outgoing files.